Blippar, is a magic app that can unlock the whole world of information for you. It uses the mobile camera to ‘Blipp’. You simply have to hold your phone in blippar mode to look at the image and it will bring to life all exclusive content and real life experiences.

Information might appear overlaid over the real-world image or object or it could also appear in the form of a simple web-link, or an exclusive ‘take-away’ –  which you can download on your phone for future use.

Blippar, aims to help various brands and retailers to market their products & services by displaying real time information and offers to their users.

How Blippar works: 

  • You can either browse the app catalogue or choose real world images to Blipp
  • Hold your phone towards the image in blippar mode
  • Wait for sometime, and you will start seeing the magic

Blackberry has also partnered with Blippar for the launch of Blackberry 10. Blippar is helping to market BlackBerry 10 by allowing Android & iPhone users.

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You need to scan a webpage using the free Blippar app to see how Blackberry 10 feels on your existing smartphone. The screen then offers you motions to try some of the functionalities of BB10 new operating system. Also check, best websites to watch movies.


Blippar specializes in augmented reality and using this app is fun, but it also gives you an idea of the advancements and things to come in the augmented reality segment. Do check out this app to experience the thrill of augmented reality. Do tell us about your experiences in comments!