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Top Websites To Watch Unblocked Movies Online

We all keep on searching for free movies online to relieve stress. Luckily, there are many websites online that provide you access to a large database of unblocked movies for free.

Today in this post, we will list some of the best websites where you can watch free movies easily.

List of Sites To Watch Unblocked Movies

All the websites listed below help you watch movies, TV shows and other videos of your liking.


Fmovies is one of the most popular free movie streaming website that has grown explosively over the years. You can also download movies on fMovies.


123Movies unblocked is another popular site for unblocked movies. Recently, they changes their name to GoMovies after they were penalised for copyrights infringement.


Hulu is a video on demand service. You need to take a subscription in order to watch movies here. It is aimed at instant streaming of television series, and also has current and past episodes of many series in collaboration with television networks and content partners.

Sony Crackle

Crackle is a free video streaming platform which serves ads for the revenues. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and is available in 21 countries. It has a huge library of movies and TV series.


CosmoTube is a relatively new platform but they are working improving their media library. They have a clean user interface and provide movie ratings and IMDB rating.


We hope that this list of websites will help you discover all movies HD of your choice for free. You do not registration on many of these sites to watch movies. Do write to us in comments all your experiences with these sites and suggestions.

Kickass Proxy – Working KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites & Proxies


There are various ways of hiding your identity anonymously while browsing the internet or access blocked websites, one of the simplest ways to achieve this is by using proxy servers.

In a simple definition, a proxy server is a computer-designed machine that accesses incoming website requests and processes them directly to their final destination. Proxy servers act as the intermediary between your website server and your computer.

What this means is that when your website server gets a request, it makes it look like though it has naturally come from the proxy server, whereas you’ve not visited the website in question.

One of the vital benefits of using a proxy server is actually to make your identity anonymous. Sometimes, we can differentiate this proxy server into an elite based type and the disguised type. What this elite type does is that as a proxy server, it does not distinguish itself from the end machine while the disguised proxy server will always give enough information. This type will not give out the IP address of your location as it makes your privacy intact.

Regarding your privacy and your location, there are few considerations to make before deciding on the best proxy server to use. You have to consider where you’re buying this proxy server from as this would determine to a large extent if it would genuinely secure your privacy or not. There are free proxies available, and at the same time, there are some that would cost you some bucks. Ensure you know about the company’s hosting before using their proxy. Most of these companies collect the logs of the users making which automatically reduces its privacy.

This gives a better understanding of how proxy servers work for the benefit of new users.

However, in the following article, we shall discuss on Kickass proxy and some of the recommended working KAT Unblocked mirror Torrent Sites & Proxies that are safe and secure to access your torrent websites quickly.


From the simplest definition, a Kickass torrent proxy is a popular alternative server which acts in place of the original kickass torrent. The work of the kickass torrent proxy is to quickly access the website page from the server to reveal the content and pages of the website. Sometimes, the kickass torrent proxy is called Kickass mirror because they perform as a mirror to the original KAT website.


The emergence of the kickass torrent was dated back to 2008. It is called torrent data, and it is the second most popular type of torrent website. Therefore, due to the seizure of domains, they have moved from the multiple domains and settled for the lower domains. In the actual sense, they have approximately over 11 million torrents and add lots of them daily. These torrents provide api, and you can easily download all data from their website.

All types of torrent websites are generally categorized into nine different categories and various subcategories. The torrent website is available in about 45 different languages; the reason behind this is to ensure the torrent website content is available for non-English readers.

Recently, a significant number of torrent websites have been introduced yet people still prefer getting their contents directly from older websites.

This emergence has greatly made Kickass torrents or KAT one of the most trusted torrent providers. Depending on your choice, you can access almost all types of downloadable contents, videos, free unblocked movies, books, games, and lots more easily.

Few years after the emergence of Kickass torrents, the governments decided to take down a significant number of data hosting and Torrent websites where Kickass Torrent is, unfortunately, part of those sites. This resulted into a continuous switch of the domain from time to time by the administrator of the kickass torrents. This development is not strange to anyone who often uses Kickass Torrents.

Also, many internet providers blocked these sites to stops users from accessing these websites. In an attempt to provide a better solution to this issue, kickass proxy or KAT Mirror torrent sites or kickass unblocked is the best approach to this issue.

In the following paragraph, we shall briefly take a look at some of the trusted and tested working kickass that is safe and secure to use.


Kickass torrent was everyone’s choice, and ever since kickass torrent is no longer available, there’s need to provide a better or similar option that can efficiently deliver the service of using kickass torrent. The alternative to kickass torrent is what is called Mirror torrent. Care must be taken when choosing your type of mirror torrent site. One of the things that must be considered is the efficiency of the website. Any Mirror torrent site that can be used in place of Kickass torrent must be able to perform almost the same function as kickass torrent, must be efficient, and effective.

However, the demand to access the website has made users to always search for a mirror proxy and torrents websites to suit their purpose. Therefore, the following are the lists of trusted and secured working kickass proxy and mirror torrent websites that can be used in place of kickass torrents. Care must be taken when selecting the type of proxy sites to access the websites as most of them available on the internet are fake.

You can ask your friends, neighbors, and other users for proper recommendation to avoid getting fake mirror torrent website. The risk of using these fake kickass proxy is that your information can easily be accessed and stolen. Therefore, to avoid this, it is imperative to get a reliable and trusted kickass proxy.  We have provided a list of safest and most secured kickass proxy that can make your information secured.

You can make your choice from the list of the kickass proxy provided below.

The list of trusted and active kickass proxies that can be used is more than what’s provided in the list. You can search online for the other list of available and trusted proxies that is suitable to use. And if one mirror proxy doesn’t work for you, you can then use another from the list. There are minor differences between each of these proxies provided.

Ensure you select the one that can efficiently provide quality, fast and reliable service for you.